5 Ways We Celebrated Our 100th Day of School

Hello all!  We recently celebrated our 100th Day of School in kindergarten for the year!  My school loves to continue the celebration all day, so I did some researching on Pinterest for some fun activities.  I was very pleased with the outcomes!

  1. Gumball Machine Skip Count by Ten by Makinglearningfun found here:

The kids really enjoyed this activity!  Of course, where paint is involved it’s almost a sure thing they will enjoy it!  They painted 10 “gumballs” in each gumball machine and practiced counting by 10’s to 100.

100-day2. The 100 Cup Tower

I was so happy to get to do this activity this year, as compared to last year.  The kids enjoyed it so much that I’ve been letting them continue that center as a STEM game when they are done with their work.  Watching their creativity and which ones were able to actually build a tower without just stacking them on top of each other was so enjoyable.


3. 100 Paper Links

I was also impressed with this center, because I was sure the students would have trouble linking the paper together (my last year’s group struggled big time).  But nope!  They did an awesome job all by themselves!  We worked together to build a 100 links paper chain, and now it’s currently hovering over my writing center thanks to my ceiling clips.


4. 100’s Number Board

So I love this board.  The kids love this board.  It was a win-win!  They worked on matching numbers on the 100’s board, covering numbers, and counting numbers in order to 100.  They worked with partners in their groups and had a blast!

100-day-25. 100 Fruit Loops Necklace – freebie by Mrs Jones’ Creation Station found here:

My students were so quiet and concentrated so hard at this activity that I have decided to do it again later in the year!  Maybe for Dr. Seuss week or something.  They enjoyed making their necklaces, wearing their necklaces, and eating their necklaces (without permission I might add).  I was very proud of their hard work and persistence to lace 100 Fruit Loops!  But next time I will definitely use pipe cleaners instead of yarn!

100-day-4_liThese are just 5 of the activities we completed for our 100th Day Celebration.  Several others we did are:

  • We Know 100 Words chart
  • When I am 100 years old… writing
  • Count to 100 by ones song on Youtube
  • 100th Day Celebratory hat (freebie by Creatively Crazy With Learning ) found here

There are many, many more amazing ideas out there for the 100th Day celebration for kindergarten, and I am excited to try all kinds of different activities!  Thanks for reading, and may God bless you!


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