An Easter Bunny Craft

Easter is coming up quickly, and with spring break just around the corner, I decided we needed some spring decorations before we leave school for the break.  Our creation? An Easter bunny suncatcher!

Here’s my finished version! Amazingly enough I didn’t see much like this on Pinterest and actually had to figure it out myself. Imagine my horror! I knew I wanted to make a suncatcher egg, but when I got done it looked so plain it hurt my eyes to gaze at.  So I thought about adding the bunny and voila! The rest was history, and it came out cuter than I expected.  The kids loved making them! Here’s what you need:


  • Wax paper
  • Stick glue and white glue
  • Tissue paper (cut)
  • Brown and pink construction paper
  • Black marker
  • Wiggly eyes

We started with about 1 1/2 ft of wax paper per person.  Next, draw the shape of an egg on one side of the wax paper.  The students need to glue tissue paper in the shape of the egg. Once the egg is filled, put stick glue on the other side of the wax paper, then fold in half over the egg and press.  Have students cut out their suncatcher egg. Now they are ready for the bunny!

For the bunny, I did precut the ears, head, hands, and feet (I eyeballed the measurements according to the egg I made) but let my students glue them on and make the faces how they wanted to.  I am a huge supporter of having my kindergarteners do their own crafts with only a little bit of guidance from me. Sometimes it doesn’t look anything like what I wanted but hey, they use their own imagination and creativity! Below is some of the suncatchers my students made today. Just ignore my messy classroom and enjoy!

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