Changing Seasons, Changing Flowers

One of my absolute most favorite things to do as the seasons change is to change the flower decorations in my church.  Since spring is all about fresh, fragrant  air that brings a sense of new beginnings and energy, my mother and I decided to head on over to our local Michael’s store to see what flowers they had.  We fell in love with the brilliant wildflowers and vibrant purples that seemed to capture the feel and look we were going for.  Since farmhouse décor is very popular right now, we opted to replace the glass vases in the dining room with the more rustic buckets and pails.

I love the vintage country feel of these little buckets.  It really reminds me of freshly picked wildflowers.

Now the sanctuary I try to make more elegant since this is where we worship on Sundays and Wednesdays.  If you can see in the background, I haven’t filled in the baskets under the piano with spring flowers yet.  When I do, I’ll add them to the post!

There’s something radiant and sophisticated (in my opinion) in the mix of rich purples, that mint of lambs ear, and the mellow white of the various flowers in this arrangement.  I love adding any kind of varying textures to arrangements, and since to me, the majority of the flowers and leaves chosen had a “soft” rounded look, I threw in a branch of just twigs to jut out from among everything.

One thing I’ve learned from doing flower arrangements is that when you think you have way more flowers than you need, it usually isn’t enough… unless you built the arrangement in the store and bought all of the necessary pieces.  When we went to Michael’s, we mainly bought about 3/4 of the flowers I used in this arrangement.  I had several pieces already from previous arrangements and leftovers from weddings we recently had.  I believe I bought the vase from Hobby Lobby a long time ago.

Hopefully this will inspire you to get out and decorate with spring flowers!





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