The Best Party Punch Recipe

Recently I needed to make some punch for a retirement party at my elementary school.  I volunteered myself for this duty because the usual ginger ale and grape juice recipe was beginning to get old, and I knew I had a the best punch recipe.  A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to Mary Alice who introduced me to this recipe years ago, and has since supplied the punch for all of our church celebrations, such as weddings and showers.


Serves 50-60 in small punch cups.


3 cups sugar
1 packet unsweetened strawberry Kool-aid
1 packet unsweetened orange Kool-aid
3- 2 liter Sprites
1- 42 oz can of pineapple juice
Pineapple Sherbert 1-2 tubs


Mix sugar, both Kool-aid packets, can of pineapple juice, and 1/2 the same can of pineapple juice of water, and one 2 liter Sprite. Freeze.

Day of serving:  Allow time for frozen punch to thaw.  You want it slushy!  Once it’s thawed to where you want it, pour into the punch bowl.  Add 1/2 of a 2 liter Sprite.  Add the sherbet to the punch (Here you can add liberally to your liking!).  Add the other 1/2 of the Sprite.  The third Sprite gets added as the punch gets lower.  Do this slowly, not all at once.

And that’s it folks!  Here you have the BEST punch recipe I’ve ever had.  I had several teachers ask me for the recipe afterwards, and many say it was the best punch they’ve ever had.  So don’t be afraid to make this!  As Mary Alice told me, “You can’t mess it up!”

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