God is Faithful

October has proven to be an extremely busy month for me!  Especially the past 2 weeks, with my formative evaluation at work (after 3 weeks of fretting about when it was going to happen), a week of book fair, full moon, Reading Night on Thursday at school that lasted from 5-7:30, Friday with our Harvest Hoedown that had to be done inside the school building because of the rain, a 1 year old birthday part, a baby shower and the church’s annual fish fry the same day, and the normal every day things I do – WOW! The Lord has really assisted these past 2 weeks!

But this post isn’t about how crazy my life has been in October, but rather about the faithfulness of Jesus in our life.  You see, my husband works every Saturday. EVERY Saturday, unless it’s raining or way to muddy to take rides, and even then sometimes he’s still working half days to feed horses, clean stalls, take care of fences, etc.  He had to miss the Saturday we had the birthday part for our 1 year old cousin, and it was looking like he was going to miss the baby shower for our cousins and most of the fish fry last Saturday.  We had everybody praying that it was too muddy (it had rained a day or two before)!

So I was going about my day, meeting up with my mom for brunch and a grocery shopping trip to get some food for the shower, and I began to pray for my husband to be off.  You see, any time the church or family or friends have some event happening, he can’t go.  He hasn’t been to many things over the past year and a half because of working Saturdays, and he longs to fellowship with his family and friends, and this time was no different.  So instead of begging the Lord to let him off, I simply asked Him, “Lord, show him Your faithfulness.”

What a simple prayer.  I don’t know why that particular phrase stood out to me, or why I felt a sweet covering in it, but the thought stood out to me all that day and the next week.  And uncharacteristically of me, I had confidence in that simple prayer.  I trusted that it would be met with a favorable outcome.  Normally I fret and worry, but I didn’t that day.

My husband called me later, about midday, and told me he wasn’t off.  I was shocked!  I couldn’t believe it!  There’s no way he wasn’t off, because I just knew the Lord would answer that amazing prayer!  Nicolas was silent for a moment to let me soak in the news, then he exclaimed, “Just kidding!  I’m off!” Now imagine my joy and frustration.  I told him how I was feeling, about the prayer I prayed, and how his first words put me in confusion with the Lord, and why God didn’t answer that prayer, why He didn’t show His faithfulness to my husband.  Then my joy to find out that He had!

You see, I know my husband.  I know His heart towards God, his heart towards God’s people, and I see what he lives every day.  He works so hard, and I just couldn’t believe that the Lord wouldn’t have showed him His faithfulness that day.  But He did.  He saw my husband and moved on the situation to allow his boss to tell him he was off for the rest of the day.

Nicolas had a blast at the baby shower, at the fish fry, and then the youth even got to go out for coffee and stay out until midnight together playing corn hole and giant Jenga.

My point in this post is to say this:

God IS faithful.

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