No More Thinking About It, Just Do It!

The New Year has come in a whirlwind!  2018 disappeared almost faster than it came!  But I entered into 2019 armed with my New Year’s resolutions ready to do business.  Now here it is in March, and I do believe I’ve made a little progress.

This post is not actually about my resolutions.  Instead,  it’s about a book.  This book was given to me at Christmas, and it’s about managing your home without going crazy.  You’d think managing a little 700-800 sq ft apartment would be easy, but think again!   The book’s title is “How To Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind: Dealing with Your House’s Dirty Little Secrets” by Dana K. White.

I started reading this book, and this woman really spoke to me.  I have all kinds of excuses why I don’t actually get much cleaning done each day, but the truth of the matter, and the whole gist of the book, is Just Do It.  She, as a self proclaimed slob, states that cleaning isn’t fun.  It isn’t a project.  It’s something you have to do or your house will never be clean.

So I got to thinking about this. And then I realized that is all I have been doing for the past however many years: just thinking.  I think (and complain) about my house being dirty but have no want to get up and clean it.  I think about losing weight and fuss about it, but I go grab that bag of chips.  I think about blogging, but instead of logging in and writing I post, I get on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I think about all the songs I need to practice before the next church service, and I may even look them up, but I watch a movie.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m totally down for a Netflix binge night, or a restful evening reading a book.  But the lesson I learned is this:  if you want something done, you have to just do it.  No excuses.  Just do it. Not everything we go through is going to be fun, but if we don’t take action, nothing will ever get done.  Sometimes that sense of empowerment over a situation, even one as simple as a clean kitchen, comes because we took the first step to quit thinking and act.

Have I mastered this?  Certainly not.  But now I know that if something is bothering me, I can act upon it.  I can do something about it.

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