Let God Use You

Good Christmas Eve all!  I just wanted to share an experience my husband and I had this week that has encouraged us and hopefully will encourage you.

We are humbly and gratefully expecting our first child, a bouncy baby boy due in February and were at my doctor’s appointment Wednesday for my first bi-weekly check up.  My doctor has two nurses, and the one who has been with us the whole pregnancy has been wonderful!  Kisha has always shown great bedside manner, genuine sweetness and care, and is always exuding gentleness.  To put it shortly, we LOVE her!

A couple of appointments ago she shared with us that her husband was a pastor of so many years and that she recently went back to work as a nurse.  My husband and I instantly knew that was the connection we had with her the whole time but could never put our fingers on it.  So this time when we went in, my husband explained to her how much we have appreciated her care and her example as a Christian, especially being Christian’s ourselves.

She began to speak and got teary eyed, telling us that she had been praying just earlier this week that if the Lord didn’t need her in the doctor’s office anymore, then to help her and show her and move her where He wants her to be.  And with a shaky voice she told us that we had just given her an answer for that prayer.  That she was needed at our office for a little longer.

Imagine our joy (in the Lord) at hearing this!  This woman has been with us from the beginning, excited to find out we were pregnant, worrying and fussing over me like a mother, and always has made us feel at home in a place I never feel at home.  If the Lord works it out, she may even be with me for the birth.

So I wrote this post to say this: if you feel like God is leading you to say something, take a leap of faith.  You don’t have to go into a million details, but just approach the subject gently and see what God does.  Through my husband’s obedience a prayer was answered.  God could be trying to use you to answer someone’s prayer- a stranger, a friend, a colleague, a family member, or even someone at your doctor’s office.  God is amazing that way… that He would use two unsuspecting people to answer one of His children’s prayer.  He can use who He wants.  And that person may just be you…

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